bilstein group : logistical performance optimized

Jérémie Morvan

Pandemic? No problem for bilstein group! Last year was one of the most successful years in the company’s history and made annual sales of 658 M€ (vs €587m in 2019). In 2021, the manufacturer expects “to be able to exceed the already good results of the previous year by approx. 28 %”, says Uli Wiedemuth. 

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Why such a success? The worldwide sales director considers that these performances are based on products availability. “We are investing massively in our current stock. In some cases, we are increasing it even up to 30% and more!” Uli Wiedemuth adds: “Additionally, it proves that the recognition of the bilstein group brands and its logistical performance is far better than the industry average.” Availability, brands and, of course, logistic: “The most important development is surely the opening of our 2nd logistics centre in Germany in 2022. With €120m this is the biggest investment in the history of the bilstein group and a huge step to optimize our complete supply chain”, he says.

Long live the competition!

In this changing market, where disruptive technologies in OEM (that lead to emerging actors) are coupled with a trend of concentration, the specialist in the IAM appears quite confident: “We are always closely monitoring the market and there have always been new companies entering the IAM. Today, there are many different players – traditional ones as well as digital ones. Additionally, there are influencers such as big insurance companies and vehicle fleets. Last, but not least: car manufacturers are trying to get a piece of the cake of the IAM. It isn’t something new, but until today they still do not have a significant share in the IAM. The IAM market still has its own laws that must be understood and accepted or at least respected. Now, after PSA/Distrigo, it is up to Renault/Motrio to succeed in the IAM organisation. The bilstein group embraces every new player on the market as this brings new competition, but also new business opportunities” declares the sales director.

Looking forward to new mobilities

Facing the energetic transition – in particular the “electric-is-the-only-way” promoted at Brussels, “politicians and especially the consumers will decide how the market will develop in the next decades. We have been in the mobility business for a long time – longer than the automotive sector exists – and we always had to adapt to new situations to create business opportunities. The (mobility) business is changing? So are we! The bilstein group is already offering thousands of parts for e-mobility. The IAM is only at the beginning of a long path. This also applies to the bilstein group, that focus on remaining a reliable partner for replacement parts for the mobility of the future”, says Uli Wiedemuth.

Jérémie Morvan
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