Michael Saitow, Alzura Tyre24: “Everything we sell has to be delivered on time!”

Muriel Blancheton
Michael Saitow, Alzura Tyre24

Streamlined economic management and “tailormade” services for Michael Saitow whose wants to become, with Alzura Tyre24, the unique BtoB platform for tires and parts.

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Zepros: Have you had to deal with big price swings for tyres?

Michael Saitow: No we haven’t. Year on year from September to November 2023, purchase prices for All-Season tyres remained flat on average. For winter tyres, they even fell slightly by 1.5%. This shows two things: in 2022, the market was highly volatile and marked by unusual fluctuations; in 2023, prices and the market self regulated according to supply and demand. In terms of growth, apart from Germany - which remains our main market-Austria, France and Italy have shown themselves to be very dynamic! Spain also looks promising for the years ahead.

What BtoB customer profiles are growing in your business?

M. S.: I would say fleets, along with approved distribution networks, bearing in mind that repair chains are also approved. A single wholesaler can only cover a relatively small part of the market. A European BtoB platform like ours concentrates product ranges from all over the country, providing a pricing dashboard. Fleet managers and independent workshops alike have a single point of contact, centralised purchasing management, a personalised user interface and even a white-label solution. The platform filters or excludes certain brands or product categories as required. Our clients can even add their own suppliers.

Where do you see Alzura Tyre24 ten years from now?

M. S.: As the most cost-effective and reliable aftermarket supply platform in Europe! We already indicate our estimated delivery times for each item. But our “0% cancellation/100% reliability” project is set to improve the method even further! With this initiative, our premium clients can trigger buyer protection if we default. An international team manages the acquisition, monitoring and development of all suppliers. We also rely on an interface (REST), which updates invoices, prices and open customer accounts, and also ensures that inventory and orders are updated in real time. Any critical movement of goods is immediately reported! Our algorithms automatically check prices when importing files, thus ensuring the early detection and avoidance of unrealistic prices. As a result, our delivery delays are minimal, and cancellations are less than 0.5%. Everything we sell has to be delivered on time! 

Click here to access the french version of The International IAM distribution Atlas


 •40,000 buyers in Europe, including 70% independent garages, 20% dealers and 10% resellers. 
•€196.59 estimated average basket in 2022 for tyres and €100 for parts.

Muriel Blancheton
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