RestorFX: heading for a new standard in vehicle finishing

Romain Thirion
Technicien RestorFX

The winner of the International Grand Prix for Automotive Innovation at Equip Auto in October 2022 in the Bodywork-Paintwork category, RestorFX has received recognition for its innovative approach.

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This accolade is more than just a fillip to the firm founded around 15 years ago and whose technology was deployed in 2004 around Vancouver before even the registration of the RestorFX trademark. The firm aims to become the world leader in vehicle restoration. “We are the only brand positioned between pure detailing and bodywork repair”, emphasises Nicholas Vaandering, its CEO. Indeed, RestorFX sells its concept both directly to individuals wishing to offer a new lease of life to the appearance of their vehicle, and to used vehicle sellers for restoration purposes.

Today, its detailing centres make up 40% of its touch points around the world, and used vehicle dealers 60%. “We have created a process that is easy to master and scalable, meaning that you can quickly cater to high volumes, and is also reproducible from one vehicle make to another. Today, increasing numbers of vehicles are sold online, and the customer will only make the trip once they have taken the decision to buy. But if the vehicle has a paintwork defect, they may refuse to go through with the purchase”, acknowledges the director.

A niche but growing market

In North America, like all over the world, restoration remains a niche market which boast around 400,000 technicians, according to RestorFX, which wants to garner 70,000 of them for itself. In Europe, growth is booming. While 60% of its centres around the world are in North America, where it has more than 300, the company opens two to four new sites per month elsewhere in the world, including several under franchise since 2021. “Today, we are established in 12 countries in Europe including Russia, but France is our number 1 partner”, admitsNicholas Vaandering. The brand already has around 15 outlets here.

“But we’re more interested in our network coverage quality than its quantity. We also want to change the customer experience for the better, by focussing on the look of our centres to change the way consumers perceive auto repair workshops”, adds the CEO. Cleanliness, safety and care for the environment are the watchwords here: no spraying, no disposing of product down the drains, and little product wastage, which makes the working environment more cleaner and more liveable.

Romain Thirion
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